A Day in the Future
ShopNEXT wants to tackle the biggest obstacle to the crypto industry, mass adoption, by offering the easiest and safest onboarding process through super user-friendly mobile apps. Billions of purchasers around the world can start their crypto journey at ShopNEXT. eCommerce is a good area to bootstrap, but we envision that one day people can get rewards in other simple daily activities like booking taxis or hotels and such.
To be successful in the crypto journey, after onboarding, crypto users need to have good education and exposure to other crypto ecosystems. ShopNEXT will make it possible through partnering with other top crypto projects to offer more services to our users such as DeFi investment, NFT collecting, and even more. We are also thinking of offering exclusive services for our Reward Tier members to make our ecosystem even more attractive. After 10 years since the birth of bitcoin, the crypto market is still in its nascent stage. We fully believe that it will get more awareness and adoption in coming years, and ShopNEXT is one of the key players in the crypto onboarding area. Your crypto journey starts here!
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