What is the NEXT token?
NEXT is the heart of the whole ShopNEXT ecosystem. Basically, the more NEXT you own, the more cashback you get on shopping both online and offline. We also offer many privilege services for NEXT holders including stake and savings will be released in the near feature.
There are 2 reward tiers for people to earn more cash back depending on how much NEXT users hold in their wallets. All users are default normal level, but to earn more reward power they need to upgrade to MOON. Details of reward tiers can be found in Our Tokenomics section.
ShopNEXT is an shop-to-earn onboarding platform to reward free crypto to people on their daily activities. Users have the right to convert to their preferred tokens like BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT... However, the big rewards in NEXT tokens for different tiers will encourage users to accumulate NEXT to earn more crypto. Besides earning more rewards, in the future, top Tier users will also be given access to privilege shopping programs which will be announced in due course. Many such activities are to strengthen the utility purpose of NEXT further.
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