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How does ShopNEXT work?
ShopNEXT is an innovative Web3 app that helps you make money as you shop. With just a single app, you can shop and earn reward tokens up to 30% from the top brands on earth, whether online or offline. ShopNEXT is empowered by partnerships with Visa, Google Cloud, and Binance Pay.

4 steps to shop-to-earn reward tokens

What is STE?
STE, stands for Shop-To-Earn, is the rewards token of ShopNEXT. STEs are minted when people shop with their VISA cards and they are burned through gameplay activities like recharging, boosting, and redeeming NFT card cases. You also can withdraw the earned STE and sell it on the exchange.
  • Is STE unlimited supply? Yes and no. Theoretically, we can mint it more to reward users on their shopping. But we expect users to use their earned STE to redeem NFT card case so basically most earned STE will be stayed in our gameplay and finally burned. Moreover, users need to use their STE to engage with our gameplay via boosting and recharge NFT cards, these STE will also be burned finally. Thus, STE supply will be increased over time but at a steady rate when our ecosystem grows.
  • Will STE price head to zero over time? ShopNEXT can generate economic revenue through shopping activities. To strengthen our uniqueness, we define the first-ever term called External Profit Reserve (EPR). All the profit from potential business (affiliate business, interchange fee, merchant commission) will be stored in the EPR to back all STE tokens issued on the market. The purpose of the EPR is not to make STE a stable-coin; it is to make sure every token has an intrinsic value that is generated by our users through their shopping.
What is NEXT?
NEXT is the loyalty token of ShopNEXT. Users need NEXT to upgrade membership as well as engage in in-app gameplay. NEXT is also the currency in the marketplace.
  • What is the total supply of NEXT? 100,000,000
  • Will NEXT be burned? Yes, we are collecting a small fee in NEXT every time users boost or recharge NFT cards and these NEXT will be burned. So over time, NEXT will become a deflationary token.
Is it free to join?
Everyone can participate in the ShopNEXT ecosystem without any starting fee. We offer a wide range of partner deals in our mobile app that allow users to earn STE rewards on each spending. Depending on usage and motivation, users can decide to upgrade memberships in our subscription plan.
What is the reward index?
Reward index is a score parameter applicable to users which have at least 1 NFT Card. This parameter will depend on the number of NFT cards and types. This parameter helps users earn more STE on each transaction. Read more here.
Do I have to buy an NFT Card?
Not necessarily. You can already earn some STE as a normal user. But to get more rewards and play some fun, you should try to buy one NFT card from marketplace or upgrade your membership to receive one giveaway NFT Card to enjoy boosting, recharging.
Where can I get an NFT Card?
There are 3 ways to get an NFT card:
  1. 1.
    You can buy an NFT card on ShopNEXT’s in-app marketplace. This is an on-chain marketplace, meaning all transactions are happening on the blockchain between users’ wallets.
  2. 2.
    You can use the earned STE to redeem NFT card cases. Then open the card case to get an NFT card.
  3. 3.
    If you have won the ShopNEXT NFT card case airdrop campaign, you can upgrade your MOON membership to open it in the mobile app. Alternatively, you can still upgrade to MOON and receive one giveaway card case.
Do I need to select the right NFT card before making any payment?
No need. The app will automatically select the best NFT card for your transaction. Then you will have up to 48 hours to change NFT card if you want.
I made a Visa payment but my transaction wasn't recorded. What should I do?
A Visa transaction can normally take less then 72 hours to be recorded in the system, except on-us transaction which can take up to 10 days. Over that period, please contact our Customer Service in the Linktree to get further support.
Can I make payment multiple times at a merchant to get more token rewards?
Yes, for affiliate and voucher deals, you can make as many transactions as you want. For Visa-card deals, you are only allowed to earn token reward from the 1st transaction at a merchant on a day. Especially for Other merchants of Visa-card deals, which is only applicable for MOONers, it is allowed to earn 2 transaction/merchant/day.
Why my NFT card is inactive?
Your card will be inactive in 3 cases:
  • Its power is less than 50%. You should recharge the NFT card.
  • It's being listed on the marketplace for sale
  • Someone sent this card to you without going though ShopNEXT marketplace
Is there any limit of how many card cases I can redeem?
No. Once you can accumulate enough STE, you can redeem them for an equivalent card case.
  • Card case level 1: 100 STE
  • Card case level 2: 200 STE
  • Card case level 3: 300 STE
  • Card case level 4: 400 STE
What is the difference between Visa-card partnered deals, Affiliate deals and Voucher deals?
  • Visa-card partnered deals offer STE bonus when making payment using Visa cards at our partnered merchants.
  • Affiliate deals offer STE bonus when shopping by clicking affiliated links inside the mobile app.
  • Voucher deals offer STE bonus when purchasing vouchers inside the mobile app.
Read more about these deals here.
What is External Profit Reserve (EPR)?
ShopNEXT will issue a first-ever external profit reserve (EPR) to insure the issued STEs. All the profit from merchant commissions will be stored in the EPR to back all STE tokens issued on the market. The purpose of the EPR is not to make STE a stable coin but to make sure every token has an intrinsic value which is generated by our users through their shopping.
What is an NFT card and its attributes?
NFT cards are an utility NFT collection created by ShopNEXT on BNBChain. NFT cards help owners earn more STE rewards when shopping at Visa-accepting merchants and increase the reward index. See the extra reward calculation formula here.
NFT cards are unique and differentiated by 4 attributes: Earning, Karma, Capacity, and Power.
  • Earning: Determine how much STE owners can earn (vary from 1 to 100). Earning can be increased by boosting.
  • Karma: Determine how lucky the owner is in opening card cases (vary from 1 to 100). Karma is fixed and cannot be increased by boosting.
  • Capacity: Determines how resilient the card is (vary from 1 to 100). Capacity is fixed and cannot be increased by boosting.
  • Power: Determines the energy level of each card. An unused NFT card will have 100% power which will be decayed after every usage depending on its capacity point.
There are 4 types of NFT cards that are defined by their earning parameters and 10 different NFT card categories that cover all common shopping areas.
Users can obtain NFT cards by:
What is an NFT Card case and how to open it?
NFT Card cases are NFTs that, once opened, reveal NFT cards. Depending on the card case level and the average karma, users will have the different possibility of receiving different card types and categories in the opening.
NFT card cases can be redeemed by earned STE and can only be opened in our mobile app.
NFT Card cases are currently traded on Opensea.
What is MOON membership?
MOONers are VIP members of ShopNEXT who can earn the most benefits from our ecosystem. Users are required to lock $300 in NEXT to upgrade the MOON membership. MOONers can earn STE rewards at all Visa accepting merchants, have 20% extra reward and earn 10% APR on the amount of locked tokens 
. New MOONers also receive an NFT giveaway.
See this detailed comparison between MOONers and normal members here.
Can I earn token rewards without becoming a MOONer?
Yes, you can try affiliate and voucher deals in our mobile app. You can also try the trial period to earn rewards at Visa-card partnered deals. See details of these deals in the Partner deals section.
What is BONUS Rewards?
BONUS Rewards is the special rewards offer applicable for some brands on Shopee and Lazada. It has some key features as follows:
  • Rewards percentage is more attractive
  • No rewards cap per order
  • Same offer for both new and existing customers
  • Only applicable in a certain period of time
  • Only applicable for orders on Shopee and Lazada
How is tokens reward calculated?
STE rewards will be calculated differently for Visa-deals, voucher deals and affiliate deals. More than that, when users are able to apply NFT Cards on the deal, they can earn extra rewards.
Different reward formulas can be found here, or user can use this sheet to calculate the STE rewards they can earn.
How does ShopNEXT make money?
We have 3 main revenue streams:
  • NFT marketplace transaction fee: we charge 5% in $STE for each NFT card transaction on our marketplace.
  • NFT in-app engagement: Users need to pay $NEXT and $STE to boost, recharge, redeem and open NFT cards.
  • Merchant’s sales commission: Merchant partners will pay us a sales commission when ShopNEXT's users have transactions at their stores.
What are non-partnered merchants/deals?
Non-partnered merchants are any Visa-card accepting merchants that are not included in our partnered list yet. Visa-card non-partnered deals are only applicable for MOONers.