How to upgrade MOON member with Metamask


In this tutorial, we will show you how to upgrade to MOON membership level to earn the most benefits while shopping with ShopNEXT.


Firstly we need you to have a Metamask wallet installed in your phone and have an NEXT amount equivalent to $300 in it. We recommend you to use Metamask as it is the most common and stable wallet to connect. You can read here to understand how to register a Metamask wallet and read here to know how to open a account to buy NEXT.


Step 1: The first task is to connect your app to your personal wallet. From the main screen press the Update to MOON membership and press Connect your personal wallet if you haven't done so.
Step 2: It will ask you to choose either Metamask or Trust Wallet. In this example, we will connect to Metamask wallet. After pressing Metamask from the ShopNEXT screen, it will lead to your Metamask app where you will approve the connection between your ShopNEXT app and your Metamask wallet. Now, your ShopNEXT app should be connected to your Metamask wallet.
Step 3: You can check the address of your connected wallet by pressing Profile tab then press Connect Wallet.
Step 4: After your wallet is connected to the app and you have at least $300 equivalent of NEXT in it, you are ready to upgrade to MOON membership. Press Upgrade now and you will be directed to your Metamask to approve the transaction; you will have to pay a small gas fee in BNB at this step. After your transaction is verified on the BSC network, you now become a MOONer
The connection from ShopNEXT to Metamask may not work well 100% of the time due to BSC lagging. In that case, you can clear the current sessions in Metamask/Trust Wallet and restart the connection.
  • For Metamask: Menu>Setting>Experimentals>View Sessions.
  • For Trust Wallet: Settings>WalletConnect
You should end all ShopNEXT related sessions then start the whole process to reconnect the ShopNEXT app and Metamask wallet.


This tutorial shows you how to upgrade your membership to MOON. Shopping is not just spending, MOON membership gives you a huge benefit to earn much cash back and NEXT while shopping.