⁉️How to buy NEXT to upgrade MOON level for beginners, step-by-step

To upgrade to MOON membership you need to have at least $300 equivalent in NEXT in your Metamask or Trust Wallet. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide so that someone who doesn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies can also buy NEXT and upgrade to a MOON membership. There are 3 steps we need to complete:

  • Buy at least $300 in NEXT

  • Send NEXT to Metamask/Trust Wallet

  • Link your Metamask/Trust Wallet to ShopNEXT app and upgrade the membership

1. How to buy NEXT:

Step 1: Convert fiat currency (VND, USD) into stablecoin (USDT, BUSD)

You have money in VND or USD. To buy any cryptocurrency, the first step you need to do is to convert this fiat into a stablecoin. The most popular are USDT and BUSD.

What are stablecoins USDT, BUSD? – A cryptocurrency designed to mimic the value of fiat currencies. You can find definition about stable-coins here.

Where to buy USDT, BUSD? – You should buy on Binance because Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, so there will be many people to buy and sell, at good prices. If you don’t have a Binance account, you can check out the instructions here.

How to buy USDT, BUSD? – There are 2 ways to buy on Binance:

  • Buy with a bank card (buy from Binance): safe, convenient, but can only buy in limited quantities and at a higher price than P2P. Detailed instructions here.

  • Buy P2P (buy directly from the seller): buy in bulk, low fees but must select reputable sellers. Detailed instructions here.

Step 2: Use USDT to buy NEXT

There are 3 ways to buy NEXT:

Method 1: exchange USDT in Binance wallet for NEXT. This feature will be released soon with below advantages:

  • Operation right on ShopNEXT app: simple, easy

  • Get NEXT transferred in Metamask or Trust Wallet

  • Select NEXT quantity according to available packages

  • Time to receive NEXT: within 24 hours

If you want to buy in arbitrary quantities and receive NEXT immediately, you can refer to methods 2 and 3.

Method 2: buy NEXT on CEX Gate.io. See detailed instructions here.

Method 3: buy NEXT on DEX Pancakeswap. See detailed instructions here.

2. How to transfer NEXT to Metamask or Trust Wallet:

To ensure the highest security, all interactions with NEXT tokens on the ShopNEXT app are done through your personal wallet, Metamask or Trust Wallet. Unlike wallets created on exchanges, for personal wallets, you hold the private key; so long as your key is safe, your tokens safe.

Take an example for easy understanding: You can imagine an exchange wallet like an account in a bank, your assets are kept by the bank. And a personal wallet is like a safe at home, you are the one holding the key to that safe. If you do not have a personal wallet yet, please follow this detailed instructions to create a Metamask wallet.

If you buy NEXT by exchanging USDT in your Binance wallet or buying it on Pancakeswap, the NEXT tokens will be transferred directly to your Metamask or Trust Wallet. If you buy on Gate.io, you will need to transfer NEXT from Gate.io to your personal wallet. See instructions on how to transfer here.

You need to have at least $300 in NEXT tokens in your personal wallet, Metamask or Trust Wallet, to upgrade to a MOON membership. Besides, you also need to have some BNB in ​​your wallet to pay the transaction validation fee. For details on how to link personal wallet and upgrade membership, please follow this tutorial.


In this tutorial, we have shown you carefully step-by-step how to buy NEXT and upgrade to MOON member. Let’s join MOON level as soon as you can to earn huge cashback during your daily shopping.

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