Rewards calculation

There are 2 types of rewards: Cashback rewards (Base rewards, MOON rewards, NFT-card rewards) and NEXT rewards.

1. Base rewards

The cashback amount depends on reward percent and transaction value of each transaction.

BaseReward(USD)=TransactionValueāˆ—RewardPercentBaseReward (USD) = TransactionValue*RewardPercent

2. MOON rewards

MOON members are offered a reward cashback, equivalent to 20% of base rewards.

3. NFT card rewards

You can collect NFT cards to earn up to 40% more cashback.

NFT card rewards for each transaction depends on base reward, reward index and the attributes of selected NFT Card.

f(RewardIndex,BaseReward,CardEarning)f(RewardIndex, BaseReward,CardEarning)

4. NEXT rewards

Users will get rewards in NEXT on their successful transactions. NEXT rewards will depend on the total cashback users earn from the transaction, including MOON rewards and NFT rewards if applicable.

5. How to redeem NEXT?

Accumulating a minimum of 1000 NEXT in your Earning Balance, which you can redeem for an NFT card case or 3,000 NEXT to exchange for phone prepaid cards, shopping vouchers, or to cash out.

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