Why was ShopNEXT born?

ShopNEXT is a Web3 Loyalty Platform utilizing card payment, NFT and gamification with the Shop-To-Earn model. ShopNEXT was originated by Shopiness, the top cashback platform in Vietnam, which had 700,000 users that generate $4M GMV & 1M transactions every month. We know the huge potential of blockchain technology and want to leverage our knowledge in the eCommerce industry to build the most user-friendly token onboarding platform. Our business model may change over time but our ultimate vision for ShopNEXT is always to solve the biggest problem of the blockchain space: bringing Web3 to the mass - while help merchants grow business and contribute to rapidly stimulate the world economy.

We want to turn Web3 awareness to token ownership by creating a loyalty platform on blockchain where users can easily and safely own their first tokens through daily shopping activities and at the same time helping merchants grow their businesses.

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