Partnered deals

Partner deals are classified into Visa-card deals, Affiliate deals and Voucher deals.
  • Visa-card deals offer STE rewards when making payment using Visa cards at partnered merchants.
  • Affiliate deals offer STE rewards when shopping at website/app of partnered merchants.
  • Voucher deals offer STE rewards when purchasing vouchers right on the ShopNEXT app.
Note: MOONers are offered a bonus rewards of 20% compared to other users. See Subscription Plan for more details.
Visa-card deals
Affiliate deals
Voucher deals
Payment method
Linked Visa-card only
Any method
Any method
Reconciliation time
Record instantly Reconcile in 2-7 days
Record in 24h Reconcile in 30-60 days
Record and reconcile instantly
Reward calculation
NFT card rewards
Note: For Visa-card deals, you need to select merchants, activate deals and make payment in 60 minutes to be able to earn reward.