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Free Plan


Entry criteria


Stake $300 in NEXT in NEXT token

Apply NFT card



Affiliate & Voucher deals



MOON cashback bonus



NEXT Staking interest


10% APR*

NFT card giveaway


1 NFT card


* Users can claim the staking interest at the next unlock period after they downgrade MOON plan.

MOON membership upgrade terms and conditions

You need to have $300 in NEXT tokens in your Metamask or Trust Wallet to upgrade your MOON membership. These tokens will be locked, not paid. Steps to upgrade:

Step 1: Connect ShopNEXT account to Metamask or Trust Wallet

Step 2: Accumulate the required number of NEXT

Step 3: Confirm the membership upgrade transaction in the wallet

Some notes when being a MOON member:

  1. To upgrade a MOON member, users must accumulate the required number of NEXT and these NEXT will be locked. You will not be able to use this NEXT number during the lockdown.

  2. When you cancel your MOON membership. The amount of NEXT in your wallet will be unlocked.

  3. The locking period for MOONers is currently set to 180 days, and unlock will happen once in every 180 days. Let's say you upgrade membership on Day 1 then downgrade the membership on Day 2, your tokens will be released on Day 180. If you downgrade membership on Day 181, your tokens will be released on Day 360.

  4. After unlocking, you will lose all MOONer benefits. You can upgrade again immediately.

  5. A ShopNEXT account can only be linked to one Metamask or Trust Wallet address. In case you want to link to another wallet address, please contact the hotline for support.

Prohibited activities

(i) The MOON membership is owned by individuals and cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged.

(ii) Do not share your MOON account with other users.

(iii) Accounts showing signs of buying in large quantities for resale, speculation and hoarding, violating the policies of ShopNEXT partners.

(iii) A user is not allowed to create multiple MOON accounts in any way.

(iv) Buying in bulk for resale, speculation and hoarding, violating ShopNEXT's partner's policy.

ShopNEXT reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this program. Any violation of the above terms and conditions will result in the possible loss of all bonuses. Repeated offenses will result in the suspension of your ShopNEXT account.

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