V3 migration notice

ShopNEXT mobile app V3 has been released. During the migration period, users who currently have processing transactions on V1 and V2 must pay attention to the following:

  • For V1 processing transactions: Cashback balances will be updated upon successful reconciliation of transactions.

  • For V2 processing transactions: STE earned from successful reconciled transactions will be converted to NEXT on the 10th day of each month. The conversion rate will be 1 STE = 10 NEXT.

Comparing with the previous version, the major changes in V3 are:

  • STE has been phased out; all current STE balances (spot & earning) in the app will be converted to NEXT.

  • All affiliate deals will be rewarded with main cashback in fiat and bonus in NEXT tokens. Rewards from Visa partnered deals will be temporarily suspended until clearing regulatory framework with offline merchants.

  • NFT gameplay will remain the same, but the category on each NFT card will be removed. This means every NFT card can be applied to any transaction.

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