Fees and rules

  • Marketplace trading fee: 5%, paid by NFT Card Sellers. Marketplace trading fee can be used to cover operation cost or burned.
  • All the fee (boosting, recharging, redeeming and opening card case) in [STE + NEXT] will be burnt.
  • Anti undercover sale: ShopNEXT marketplace is the only place to trade NFT cards. If a user transfers the card outside our marketplace, the card will be voided and cannot be used in the ShopNEXT gameplay anymore.
  • After listing, it will take up to 24 hr for an NFT card to appear on the marketplace.
  • Owner cannot apply the listed NFT cards to transactions or use them to increase the reward index; but karma of listed cards can still be used in calculating account average karma.
  • For Visa transactions, ShopNEXT only offers rewards based on notifications from Visanet, the Visa transaction network. Any unauthenticated transactions by Visanet will not be rewarded. For on-us transactions, which use the Visa card on a POS device from the same bank, even though Visa encourages banks to submit and most banks will follow, it's still up to the bank to consider sending clearing transactions. From our experience, it will take less than 10 days for the bank to send transaction information. Beyond that period, there is a high chance that the transaction will not be submitted to Visanet, i.e., users won't receive rewards.