How to play

Just by linking a Visa card to the app, users can shop and earn token rewards instantly at millions of Visa merchants globally. Users are also encouraged to accumulate STE to redeem more NFT Cards, which can help to increase reward index.
More information can also be found in our FAQ and Tutorials.

Step 1: Download the ShopNEXT app

Download and install the ShopNEXT app on both App Store and Google Play:

Step 2: Signup for a ShopNEXT account

Create an account easily with your phone number
The next step is to link user's VISA card to ShopNEXT app. Users can choose to link any VISA cards to our app. Normal users can only earn STE at Limited Merchant Partners while MOONers can shop and earn at any VISA Accepted Online/Offline Merchants.

Step 4: Upgrade MOON membership

Users are encouraged to lock an amount of NEXT tokens in their blockchain wallets to become MOONers, which can help them to play with NFT Card to boost token rewards. See more details in this membership comparison

Step 5: Collect NFT Cards to increase earnings

To gamify shopping activities, ShopNEXT combines the Shop-To-Earn model with Game elements by issuing NFT cards. There will be 10 NFT Card categories that are different by four attributes: Earning, Karma, Capacity, and Power. MOONers should own at least one NFT Card to increase the Reward Index and earn more STE of the base reward.
MOONers have up to 48 hours to pick the right NFT Card category to maximize STE rewards earning.

Step 6: Improve NFT Card attributes

Users can play and improve their NFT cards by:
  • Boosting the card earning to earn more STE
  • Recharging the card power after every transaction.

Step 7: Accumulate STE to redeem NFT card-cases

In ShopNEXT Gameplay, new NFT Card-cases are introduced to the system when users redeem using their earned STEs. There will be 4 levels of card-cases which can be opened into different card types depending on users' average karma. Thus, users are encouraged to accumulate enough STE to redeem NFT card-case to: