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How to play

General info

ShopNEXT is an innovative Web3 app that helps you make money as you shop. With just a single app, you can shop and earn token rewards up to 30% from thousands of merchants worldwide, whether online or offline. ShopNEXT is empowered by partnerships with Visa, Google Cloud, and Binance Pay.
The reward token STE (stands for Shop-To-Earn) is a kind of loyalty point, but much more appealing!
The biggest difference between ShopNEXT compared to other loyalty applications is the use of tokens on the blockchain to replace traditional reward points, namely:
  • ShopNEXT only uses one reward token, STE, for all brands
  • The value of the reward token is not fixed but fluctuates according market forces of supply & demand
  • You can exchange the reward tokens for phone prepaid cards, shopping vouchers, NFT cards or cash out
  • STE reward tokens can be traded easily globally
Moreover, ShopNEXT's token-rewarding program is applied in conjunction with other discounts and promotions of most merchants.
More information can also be found in our FAQ and Tutorials.

4 steps to shop and earn reward tokens

Step 1: Select a merchant and activate the deal

There are 3 types of deals: Visa-card deals, affiliate deals and voucher deals. Depending on each deal, the usage method and reconciliation time to receive the reward token will be different. You can see a detailed comparison of 3 deal types.

Step 2: Shop and pay as usual

Except for the voucher deals, which can be paid right on the ShopNEXT app. With Visa-card and affiliate deals, you will shop and pay at the merchant's store/site. ShopNEXT can track your orders through Visanet system or the affiliate system integrated with the merchants.

Step 3: Earn reward tokens and redeem

Depending on each deal type, the reconciliation time to receive reward tokens will be different. Accumulating a minimum of 100 STE in your Earning Balance, which you can redeem for an NFT card case or 1,000 STE to exchange for phone prepaid cards, shopping vouchers, or to cash out.
Note: If you are not familiar with earning reward token, you can switch back to the cashback version on the Personal page. However, this version only supports a few brands and has limited features, so it is not recommended to use.

Step 4: Collect NFT cards to earn up to 4X more

The NFT cards are unique digital collectibles issued by ShopNEXT on the blockchain. NFT cards are divided into 10 different categories. It helps you to earn up to 4X more rewards if the category of your NFT card matches the category of merchant. You can redeem NFT cards by your the reward tokens or purchase them on the in-app NFT marketplace. See details about the NFT cards.

MOON members

MOON members are VIP members of ShopNEXT. You will get countless perks when you become a MOONer. To upgrade your membership, you need to hold $300 in NEXT tokens in your Web3 wallet. Upon successful upgrade, these tokens will be locked in your Web3 wallet, not paid. See details here.
You are only one step away from the Web3 world, download ShopNEXT now!