Crypto has been a strong magnet in the last couple of years and continues to be in the future. Due to tremendous potential, crypto awareness is increasing rapidly in social media. However, compared to its popularity, the number of people who own some crypto tokens is still only a fraction. Without new waves of newcomers, the breakthrough of blockchain technology is still within the circle of tech savvies. There are 2 key barriers preventing a normal layperson to onboard: complexity and trust. It is not an easy process to own their first crypto. They need to first open an account and do KYC on a crypto p2p exchange then learn how to do a P2P trade and finally know how to send crypto back to their crypto wallets. These steps require technical knowledge. Moreover, crypto is still in the gray area of doubt. The motivation to own crypto for any reason is observable but not big enough to break 2 barriers mentioned above. This leads to a need for a platform that can motivate normal people to onboard crypto in an easy and safe manner.
ShopNEXT is a loyalty platform utilizing blockchain and Metaverse and backed by Shopiness, the top cashback reward platform in Vietnam. With 5-year expertise in the business, we believe rewarding people in crypto through their daily spending activities is the best way to motivate them onboard while also helping the brand partners to grow the business. We decided to start with online shopping first because it is popular, easy to use, fast-growing and borderless. The Covid-19 pandemic even pushed people to engage more with online shopping activities. Besides online, the potential of shopping at physical stores is also huge. As such, in parallel to growing our online market, we’re also planning to expand to in-store rewards.
ShopNEXT onboards new-to-crypto users by rewarding them free crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT) when shopping/spending at ShopNEXT partners. In addition, for every successful order, ShopNEXT also rewards users extra NEXT, the cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT. Users can sell NEXT on the DEX and CEX exchanges to make money. This is the first-ever Shop-To-Earn model ShopNEXT wants to build up.
Our vision is to become the EASIEST and SAFEST gateway for people in the world to start their crypto journey.
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