How to buy NEXT on

Notice: Since Gate renamed our ticker from NEXT to SHOPNEXT on 5 Sep 2023, please use below link to access the trading pair SHOPNEXT/USDT:

Introduction is a Top 10 exchange in cryptocurrency space whose daily trading volume is over $1B. In this tutorial we will show you how to open an account on Gate and buy NEXT using USDT.


Step 1: Download app from App Store or Google Play.
Step 2: Open the app and start the registration process. For security purposes, Gate will require you to pick a Fund password, which is required in withdrawal process; please keep it as safe as possible. Gate will send a 6-digit code to your email address to complete the registration.
Step 3: Next we will improve security by completing the Phone Verification, Google Authenticator as well as completing the KYC process. Follow the instructions to complete them one by once carefully.
Step 4: Now you are ready to buy NEXT on your app. Click on the search icon on the main screen. Then type NEXT and choose to trade the NEXT_USDT pair. On the NEXT/USDT trading screen, you can input the price you want to buy NEXT on the Price(USDT) box and the amount of NEXT you want to buy in the Amount(NEXT) box. We assume you have some USDT available in your Gate account. You can follow this instruction to buy some USDT from Binance P2P and send to Please keep in mind that this is the limit order so you have to wait some time for your order to be executed, meaning waiting for someone who wants to sell NEXT to you at your set price.
Step 5: Next, we will show you how to withdraw NEXT out of to any BEP-20 wallet. From the main screen press Wallet then press Withdraw and type NEXT in the search bar. Next, you will need to key-in the destination address and the amount you want to withdraw. Gate will ask you to submit Fund passwords and other security codes before approving your withdrawal transactions.


Now you have registered successfully an account on and also know how to buy NEXT from also.