NFT card marketplace

If you want to buy or sell NFT cards, please go to the NFT card marketplace in ShopNEXT mobile app.


  • Only NFT cards are allowed to trade on our marketplace, not NFT card cases.

  • ShopNEXT collects 5% trading fee on marketplace, paid by sellers.

  • $NEXT will be the only supported currency using on marketplace.

  • ShopNEXT marketplace is an on-chain marketplace, which means all the transactions can be tracked on BNBChain.

  • After listing, it will take about 24 hours for the NFT card to be appeared on marketplace.

  • Only NFT cards with 100% power are able to list on marketplace.

  • Once listing, the NFT cards will be removed from all processing transactions. They aren't counted in Reward Index calculation as well.

Anti undercover sale: ShopNEXT marketplace is the only place to trade NFT cards. If a user transfers the card outside our marketplace, the card will be voided and cannot be used in the ShopNEXT gameplay anymore.

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