What are NFT cards?

The NFT cards are unique digital collectibles issued by ShopNEXT on the blockchain. NFT cards are divided into 4 types based on their earnings. It helps you to earn up to 40% more cashback on partnered deals.

NFT Card attributes

NFT cards are unique and differentiated by 4 attributes: Earning, Karma, Capacity, and Power.

  • Earning: Determine how much rewards owners can earn (vary from 1 to 100). Earning can be increased by boosting.

  • Karma: Determine how lucky the owner is in opening card cases (vary from 1 to 100).

  • Capacity: Determines how resilient the card is (vary from 1 to 100).

  • Power: Determines the energy level of each card. An unused NFT card will have 100% power which will be decayed after every usage depending on its capacity index.

NFT Card types

Up to Earning index, there are 4 types of NFT cards:

  • Bronze: Default earning from 1 - 15

  • Silver: Default earning from 25 - 40

  • Gold: Default earning from 50 - 65

  • Platinum: Default earning from 75 - 90

With a same reward index, the higher Earning index of your NFT card, the more NFT card rewards you can earn.

How to own NFT cards?

Users can obtain NFT cards by:

  • Open an airdropped/giveaway NFT card case.

  • Buy NFT cards directly on the in-app NFT marketplace.

All users can buy NFT cards and apply them to earn extra NEXT on shopping.

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