What are NFT cards?

The NFT cards are unique digital collectibles issued by ShopNEXT on the blockchain. NFT cards are divided into 10 different categories. It helps you to earn up to 4X more rewards if the category of your NFT card matches the category of merchant. Moreover, owning different NFT cards will also increase the reward index that help you earn more up to 70% token rewards.

NFT Card attributes

NFT cards are unique and differentiated by 4 attributes: Earning, Karma, Capacity, and Power.
  • Earning: Determine how much STE owners can earn (vary from 1 to 100). Earning can be increased by boosting.
  • Karma: Determine how lucky the owner is in opening card cases (vary from 1 to 100).
  • Capacity: Determines how resilient the card is (vary from 1 to 100).
  • Power: Determines the energy level of each card. An unused NFT card will have 100% power which will be decayed after every usage depending on its capacity index.

NFT Card types

Up to Earning index, there are 4 types of NFT cards:
  • Bronze: Default earning from 1 - 15
  • Silver: Default earning from 25 - 40
  • Gold: Default earning from 50 - 65
  • Platinum: Default earning from 75 - 90
With a same reward index, the higher Earning index of your NFT card, the more rewards you can earn, up to 250%

How to own NFT cards?

Users can obtain NFT cards by:
  • Open an airdropped/giveaway NFT card case.
  • Buy NFT cards directly on the in-app NFT marketplace.
All users can buy NFT cards and apply them to earn extra STE on shopping.