Partner deals

Partner deals will be classified into Visa-card deals, Affiliate deals and Voucher deals.
  • Visa-card deals offer STE bonus when making payment using Visa cards.
  • Affiliate deals offer STE bonus when shopping by clicking affiliated links on the mobile app.
  • Voucher deals offer STE bonus when purchasing vouchers on the mobile app.
Note: Both normal users and MOONers are earning the same on partner deals.
Visa-card deals
Affiliate deals
Voucher deals
Payment method
Linked Visa card only
Any method
Any method
Reward time
Depending on reconciliation time (30-60 days)
Reward calculation
Additional earning by applying NFT cards
Note: For Visa-card deals, you need to activate the deals (valid in 24 hours) in app first before be able to earn reward when making payment.