STE Reward Calculation

1. Base earning for all Visa-card deals

Users can earn a certain amount of STE rewards when shopping with their linked VISA card.
BaseReward(STE)=ProjectParameters∗f(TransactionValue)BaseReward (STE) = ProjectParameters*f(TransactionValue)
Note: Normal users can only earn at Partner Deals, MOONers can earn at all Visa-accepting merchants.

2. Base earning for affiliate deals and voucher deals

The number of STE earned from affiliate and voucher deals will depend on reward percent and transaction value of each order.
BaseReward(STE)=ProjectParameters∗f(RewardPercent,TransactionValue)BaseReward (STE) = ProjectParameters * f(RewardPercent, TransactionValue)
Note: NFT cards are not applicable for affiliate deals and voucher deals

3. Extra reward if applying NFT cards

To boost STE earning, MOONers can buy NFT Cards from ShopNEXT marketplace (NFT Cards are not applicable for normal members).
After each transaction users have up to 48 hours to select the right NFT card to get the most STE rewards.
STE reward for each transaction will be based on transaction value, reward index and the attributes of the selected NFT Card.
ExtraReward(STE)=ProjectParams∗f(RewardIndex,TranValue,CardEarning)ExtraReward(STE)=ProjectParams*f(RewardIndex, TranValue,CardEarning)