External Profit Reserve (EPR)

One of the biggest problems for blockchain projects is to attract the money flow from outside of the token ecosystem. Without external revenue, the project token value will mostly decline to zero once there are no newcomers. Linking the Web 2 revenue to Web3 assets is a problem yet to solve.

Unlike other blockchain projects which have no external revenue, ShopNEXT can generate economic revenue through shopping activities. To strengthen our uniqueness, we define the first-ever term called External Profit Reserve (EPR). All the profits from merchant commissions will be stored in the EPR to back all STE tokens issued on the market. The purpose of the EPR is not to make STE a stable-coin; it is to make sure every token has an intrinsic value that is generated by our users through their shopping.

For example, after releasing for several months, we will have 10,000,000 STE circulating on the market. During that time, by shopping our users have generated a profit of $500,000 for EPR. This means that, in the worst case, every STE can be swapped for $0.05 from the EPR.

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